The End is Never the End: The Finding Joe Journey Continues

So, I had this grand idea that I would finish Finding Joe, have a small theatrical release followed by the DVD/ Digital release and then follow that with a really long vacation. I know, totally stupid. What was I thinking? The whole notion that I was “finished” or that my journey was “over” is now looking like a big scam I played on myself. The truth is, nothing is over; the journey continues! It’s like one of those crazy streets that inexplicably changes names. I thought I was on End Street then all of a sudden I’m on Just the Beginning Ave… What the hell?

It works like this: I had told myself this journey I was on ended when the film ended. Well, I finished the film, but it wasn’t like I locked picture and then it was done. I immediately started marketing the film, having small screenings, contacting various distributors, etc… In fact, I started that process before the film was “done.” So, when the final edit was made, I was already working hard on the release. I didn’t even notice that the film was “over.” Actually, I was secretly still thinking of making a couple of tweaks down the road (sorry Paul). Anyway, all of a sudden I’m in the middle of a theatrical tour that, as it turns out, is waaaaay more effort than making of the film itself. Not to say that it wasn’t fun, but man I was glad that it was “over.” Oh, wait. While the theatrical was happening, I was working on the DVD and the digital release… You get the picture.

Here’s the lesson I’m taking away: My journey isn’t over because I haven’t really “returned.” Sure I’m home, but having found the grail of Finding Joe (i.e. made this movie), I have yet to share that treasure in a meaningful way with the village. There is only a fraction of the population who have heard of this movie and an even smaller fraction who have actually seen it. So, I guess the new grail is to share the grail. If that makes sense. The beauty (and sometimes curse) of the hero’s journey is that it’s really never “over,” it just morphs into another adventure, which turns into another journey that puts you on a different path… You gotta love it!!